Thursday, May 5, 2011

West Elm Owl Lamp Knock-Off

Oh how I love the West Elm Owl Table Lamp... but you know what I like even better?  A $39 knock-off of the West Elm Owl Table Lamp!  For such a trendy piece, I would much rather dull out the $39 for the Owl Lamp found at Target than the $99 for the one from West Elm.

Target came out with the Owl Lamp in two color choices: brown with a cream shade and white with a black shade.  I love them both!  I can see the brown one in a more natural setting, whereas the black and white lamp would look fabulous in a more modern space.

Enjoy- and go grab yourself a darling owl lamp!


  1. That is so cute! I love finding knock-offs like this! And you could make the Target lamp look even more similar to the West Elm by spray painting the brown owl white. (Or replacing the black shade with a white one.) Love these!

  2. Great find! I love these lamps and who isn't a fan of finding something for less?

  3. Love the lamps :)

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  4. Beautiful lamps,can i have
    Am your newest reader from the hop,looking forward in reading more of your post,pls return the love.thanks

  5. Brooke, I love your idea of painting the lamp base and replacing the shade! Fabulous idea if you want it to look exactly like the West Elm Owl Lamp.

    Carrie, I can't agree more... who doesn't love a good deal?!

    Catarina, Glad you're enjoying my blog! I will definitely stop by yours as well!

    May, That's great that you have one of these! Target really does get some great knock-offs. Will definitely stop by your blog also!

  6. hey ashley,
    just stumbled upon your blog. love the look and the content. i'll so be back.


    thanks for posting.